Sustainable Solutions 2019: “Connect, Respect, Protect”

Sustainable Solutions 2019: "Connect, Respect, Protect"
Sustainable Solutions 2019: “Connect, Respect, Protect”

An Annual Environmental Fest at Bali is Coming Up This Year: Sustainable Solutions 2019

We are pleased to announce the coming of annual music, arts, and environmental festival of
Green School Bali, Sustainable Solutions 2019, which will be held on 2-4 May 2019 with the theme
’Connect, Respect, Protect’.


Last year, this festival was successfully carried on and attended by 800 people with 45 international and local speakers and 40 solutions makers.

BACA JUGA: Kampanye Alam Lets Keep The Earth Clean And Green

This time, 5th edition festival focuses on youth connections, activism and Indigenous
wisdom and will involve students from Green School and across Bali, the region and all around
the world. Locating at Green School Bali (Bali Island, Indonesia), the wall-less bamboo school in
the middle of Bali jungle, Sustainable Solutions aims to involve, connect, inspire and equip the
community to live more sustainably.

Sustainable Solutions 2019: "Connect, Respect, Protect"
Sustainable Solutions 2019: “Connect, Respect, Protect”

This three-day festival would be enlivened by inspiring speakers across the world, workshops,
talks, panel discussions, music and dance performances, and artistic activities as well as vendor
showcases, farmers market, and many more. The event is great for childrens and teenagers, as
activities and experiences help to educate them on sustainability and environment. Particularly,
they shall learn about indigenous communities.

Kapan jaga hutan? Sekarang! Buka

BACA JUGA: Indonesia Green Living Festival Menjadi Bangsa Yang Hijau

Taking part on the event will be internationally-known indigenous speakers and activists
including Cleary Vaughan-Lee (Executive Director of Global Oneness Project), Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush (Canada), George Nuku (Maori, New Zealand), Kevin Locke (Lakota, US), Randi Miranda (Founder and CEO of Handep Haruei-Indonesia), Plorentina Dessy Elma Thyana (Sakolah Adat-Indonesia) , Farwisa Farhan (Yayasan HaKa-Indonesia) and many more. There’s also a discount fee for local and KTP (Indonesian ID-Card) attendees.

Sustainable Solutions 2019: "Connect, Respect, Protect"
Sustainable Solutions 2019: “Connect, Respect, Protect”

If you’re interested in connecting with sustainability-focused people, communities,
businesses, or want to hear from sustainability leaders from around the world, head to
Sustainable Solutions 2019 at Green School Bali, this 2-4 May 2019.
Visit to learn more about the festival.

BACA JUGA: Lets Do Somethinc Good

About Green School Bali

Green School is a private, non-profit Pre-K to Grade 12 set in the heart of the Bali jungle
and primarily built out of bamboo. The Green School curriculum focuses on powerful,
sustainable and impactful learning experiences and developing 21st Century Skills. A
decade since opening, Green School includes globally-recognised youth green leaders and
changemakers as part of its alumni and student body. The school has no government
funding and currently has 490 students from 35 countries including 43 full scholarship
Balinese students and an additional 330 Balinese students from the local villages who
come to learn english and sustainability after their normal school day as part of Green
School’s Community integration, Kul Kul Connection program.

…I have visited many different places and many schools, but Green School is the most unique
and impressive school I have ever visited. – Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary-General.


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